I was called into the ministry of GOD as a Teacher of faith approximately 30 years ago and as an Intercessor for America a few years later.  I am also called as an aid to my husband in ministry. My joy is to teach people how to trust God in this life and to pray for America. My next Great Journey that I accomplished in my Business Career was to be a voice for those who could not speak for themselves. In my Business Career I was known as the Foremost Authority in Automotive Accounting. I have been in many wars and fought many battles for others, but I was always victorious in all of them. I am blessed, I am strong and I am going to accomplish my dreams. God was always with me, for me and worked it out for my good and those of his people.

I am a servant of the Lord.

                                                                            Virgie Tezeno-Mitchell 

At the age of 12 years old sitting in a general business class, I realized this world had more to offer me than cotton, potatoes and other farming produce that I was accustomed to.  Mr. Green and Mrs. Jackson were the two teachers in my youth who changed my life by broadening my mind and stimulated my imagination to be fruitful with excitement and gave me a purpose for living a life with books and people who could teach me and help me to achieve my dream.

I was born to John and Leola Tezeno in Washington, LA. Through my Mother and Father, I knew I was what was called a "proper child" with a great calling on my life.  All they knew was that God was going to use me but they had no idea in what way or form.  I went on to marry at a very young age, left Louisiana and moved to Texas.

I have been married to Joshua F. Mitchell, Sr. for

51 years.  I am the mother of 2 daughters, one son and one step-daughter whom have transitioned to be with the Lord.